Edge VN Reference Guide

What's New #


• Improved edgevn_goto to avoid crashes and handle skipping over previously unskippable actions



• Improved HTML5 support

• Improved text log performance, now uses sprite background

• Improved transitions between text blocks

• Updated edgevn_create_next to return created instance ID

• Minor additional improvements to code



• Fixed a regression in previous update causing audio to fail to play on string 0



• Fixed a bug in Audio functions causing audio to loop even with loop disabled

• Fixed a bug causing auto mode to fail in certain conditions when multiple scenes are used simultaneously



• Added support for fractional typewriter effect speeds

• Added edgevn_set_volume script to control voiceover audio as set in edgevn_create_text

• Updated edgevn_draw_char_emote to match character scale and orientation

• To save on processing, RTL mode is now disabled by default. It can be re-enabled by uncommenting a line of code in edgevn_create_text

edgevn_auto now waits for scene transitions to continue

• Minor improvements to code and performance



• Updated documentation to new format

• Added edgevn_char_emote script for displaying small, expressive animations over characters to demonstrate emotion

• Improvements to code for backtracking and dialog options

• Fixed an issue where text would fail to display on screens that are lower resolution than the game itself



• Updated edgevn_create_text to set the drawing font, enabling variable fonts per string. The text font parameter in edgevn_draw_text is now an override and can be disabled

• Added optional auto ID mode to edgevn_create_text and edgevn_create_char

• Added option to edgevn_create_text to enable or disable breaking between strings to facilitate ‘NVL’-style visual novel presentation

• Added passive parallax mode to scenes, enabling scenes to offset other scenes for enhanced effect

• Rewritten textbox script brings code up to parity with recent updates—adds style modification features and effects to textboxes just like characters and scenes!

• Updated edgevn_draw_char_ext to syntactical parity with scene and textbox effects, including a new ‘loop’ option (also applies to edgevn_char_style_ext)

• Added option to audio functions to stop sound if target string is skipped before sound is finished playing

• Added basic backtracking support to edgevn_goto

• Improved touch screen support for reference links (see documentation on mobile device support)

• Renamed edgevn_prepare_block to edgevn_init_block for clarity and uniformity with other Edge Engine modules

• Added support for # line breaking

• General additional improvements



• Migrated all drawing functions to Draw GUI (Warning: this could affect projects made using previous versions of Edge VN!)

• Rewritten scene engine—now cleaner, easier to use, and includes optional parallax effect with characters!

• Added edgevn_create_next_block script for easily stringing multiple text blocks together

• Added character scaling and transparency options to edgevn_char_style

• Added audio functions for playing sounds and music within the context of Edge VN events

• Added edgevn_toggle_pause script for pausing/unpausing most engine functions

• Auto mode now pauses when game loses focus

• Added basic support for RTL (right-to-left) languages (text blocks only; log not supported)

• Fixed a bug causing crashes when typewriter mode is not enabled

• Minor additional bug fixes

• Numerous additional minor improvements

• Code cleanup and enhancements for efficiency and readability



• Added edgevn_goto script to allow jumping to specific text blocks/lines of text, effectively skipping entire scenes

• Dialog options are now added to the text log when selected

• Fixed a bug causing log audio functions to crash when log is empty

• Minor improvements and bug fixes



• Improvements to dialog options—added delay to selected items and support for multiple option segments in a single text block

• Minor bug fixes



• Numerous improvements to usability and code, including bug fixes

• Improved performance in both text blocks and text log

• Replaced scene zoom effect with full scaling in edgevn_scene_style

• Added ability to set which view to draw in via edgevn_prepare_block

• Added edgevn_block_complete script for testing block state in custom code

• Added audio playback to text log



• Added edgevn_toggle_visibility script for showing/hiding textbox and text

• Fixed an issue preventing bold-italic from displaying properly when skipped

• Code cleanup! Numerous minor fixes and improvements



• Added support for a third sprite in edgevn_draw_prompt as an ‘auto’ mode indicator.

• ‘Auto’ mode now prevents manual skipping/continuing while enabled

• Fixed a bug where ‘auto’ mode and dialog options would conflict, preventing options from working

• Improved touch scrolling in edgevn_log_scroll_swipe

• Improved text engine with support for arbitrary framerates and successive character fading

• Fixed multiple bugs regarding italic text



• Added markup support for bold and italic text in edgevn_create_text

• Cleaned-up and improved text engine; variable typewriter speeds now supported

• Improved edgevn_char_style and added edgevn_char_style_ext for dynamic animations

• Added edgevn_log_scroll_swipe script for touch screen log scrolling



• Minor additions to edgevn_draw_option. See documentation for details.



• Rewritten dynamic characters with extensible animations

• Added branching dialog options system

edgevn_continue can now play a sound effect when incrementing text block.



• Added foreground option to edgevn_draw_scene

• Added option to disable textbox animations (primarily for stringing text blocks together)

• Minor other improvements



• Revamped character system with easy positioning and styling; ‘if’ statements no longer needed

• Added scene system for drawing visual novel backgrounds with extensible visual effects

• Added auto scripts for hands-free progression of text

• Merged edgevn_draw_text and edgevn_draw_text_ext

• Cosmetic changes—renamed scripts for clarity

• General improvements and significant rewrites



• Initial release

Last updated on February 13, 2019
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