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Welcome to X1 @ XGASOFT

Middleware for developers big and small

XGASOFT produces high-quality middleware for familiar engines to empower creators with ready-made tools for games and interactive media applications of all kinds.

These tools are the same used by XGASOFT itself, so you can be confident in their capabilities, support, and development.

At X1, you’ll find clear documentation for all XGASOFT middleware, plus extensive product information, customer support, and more.

To get started, choose a product below to learn more.

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Unlock the power of one of the most popular markup languages with a suite of functions designed to fill the gaps in vanilla GML.

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Effortlessly generate placeholder graphics inline, in real-time—for free!

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Quantum is a framework for developing custom, user-friendly, portable scripting languages-within-a-language. Join the revolution!

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Easily create multiplatform interactive narrative experiences—from visual novels and beyond! Powered by Quantum, VNgen puts state-of-the-art realtime 2D animation at anyone's fingertips.

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Everyone needs it! Effortlessly support any screen shape and size with pixel precision and setupless installation. Want more? Dive into deep customization to suit any projects scaling needs!

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A custom archive format, built for indie game developers by indie game developers. Xzip balances flexibility and security to protect file integrity with minimal impact on performance.

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Older products no longer supported by XGASOFT. Original documentation is provided for existing users' convenience. Use it 'til the wheels fall off!