Legacy Assets

Legacy Assets #

Before there was X1, there was Edge Engine, the collection of assets for GameMaker Studio that started it all!

Edge Engine is a framework of code and assets for GameMaker Studio 1 designed to give novice and advanced GML developers alike a solid foundation to build on for creating various genres of games on all major platforms. Edge Engine’s modular nature enables it to be used as an ecosystem all of its own or piece by piece to suit each developer’s needs. Each module aims to be elegant, human-readable, powerful, high-performance, and as easy as possible to use.

Despite its age, many users continue to develop with Edge Engine in GameMaker Studio 1 for its easy-to-understand coding style. While it is recommended to use more modern assets in a more modern IDE, in order to best support Edge Engine customers, all information pertaining to these assets remains accessible here.

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Last updated on February 14, 2019
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