Edge Filesystem Reference Guide

Welcome to Edge Filesystem #

Thank you for choosing Edge Engine Filesystem. Edge Engine is a fully cross-platform, modular framework built to augment Game Maker Studio with pre-made code and assets that serve as the foundation for a wide variety of game genres. All Edge Engine modules feature creative, human-readable code with helpful notations throughout, making them both powerful and easy to use.

Edge Filesystem (or Edge FS) is a powerful solution for saving and loading data that makes storing virtually any type of variable content as simple as naming a file to write to. Save data can be encoded and encrypted to prevent tampering with the flip of a switch, and Edge FS even has special functions just for recording the date, time, and amount of time invested into a given save file.

In this guide you will learn how to save and load data with Edge FS, as well as how to properly implement timestamps and use the new file_* functions Edge FS adds to GML.

Last updated on February 13, 2019
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