Edge FMV Reference Guide

Welcome to Edge FMV #

Thank you for choosing Edge FMV, the first native GML video solution for GameMaker Studio. Edge Engine is a fully cross-platform, modular framework built to augment Game Maker Studio with pre-made code and assets that serve as the foundation for a wide variety of game genres. All Edge Engine modules feature creative, human-readable code with helpful notations throughout, making them both powerful and easy to use.

Edge FMV is an experimental solution for achieving video playback in GameMaker Studio without any external libraries or extensions. This makes it very small, affordable, and multiplatform, and best of all, its custom container format does not require any special licensing or royalty to use in commercial projects.

In this guide you will learn how to convert standard video formats to FMV and how to load and play them from two unique storage methods, as well as learn the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will also learn to manipulate FMVs using the available playback controls and even how to display basic UI elements such as a progress bar.

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