Edge VN Reference Guide

Welcome to Edge VN #

Thank you for choosing the Edge Visual Novel Engine—Edge VN, for short. Edge Engine is a fully cross-platform, modular framework built to augment Game Maker Studio with pre-made code and assets that serve as the foundation for a wide variety of game genres. All Edge Engine modules feature creative, human-readable code with helpful notations throughout, making them both powerful and easy to use.

Edge Visual Novel Engine (or Edge VN) is a powerful visual novel engine that raises the bar for presentation in the genre. With specialized tools for drawing animated scenes, characters, text, and more, it’s easy for beginners to get a visual novel up-and-running in Game Maker Studio, and flexible for developers to create professional and engaging storytelling sequences in any genre.

In this guide you will learn the different components available in Edge VN and how to use them in constructing your very own visual novels. Many functions are standardized, and so as you familiarize yourself with Edge VN conventions you will quickly be able to take advantage of more advanced features present in the engine for near limitless customization using only Edge VN scripts.

Last updated on February 14, 2019
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