VNgen Reference Guide

  1. Introduction
  2. Buy Now
  3. Download PDF
  4. Changelog
    1. Compatibility Notes
    2. Feature Comparison
  5. Getting Started
    1. Setup & Installation
      1. Additional HTML5 Setup
      2. Additional Language Setup
    2. Intro to Q-script
    3. Your First Visual Novel
      1. Entities & Action Types
      2. A Simple Dialog
      3. A Simple Choice
      4. A Simple Scene
      5. A Simple Script
  6. Reference Guide
    1. Debug Functions
      1. Intro to QCMD
      2. Included Commands
      3. vngen_do_debug
      4. vngen_is_debug
    2. Macros & Keywords
    3. Animations
      1. Creating Custom Animations
      2. Included Animations
      3. deform
      4. keyframe
    4. Effects
      1. Creating Custom Effects
      2. Included Effects
      3. effect
    5. Shaders
      1. Included Shaders
    6. Engine Functions
      1. sys_vngen_config
      2. sys_action_init
      3. sys_action_skip
      4. sys_action_term
      5. sys_anim_init
      6. sys_anim_perform
      7. sys_anim_term
      8. sys_anim_speech
      9. sys_cmd_init
      10. sys_cmd_add
      11. sys_cmd_perform
      12. sys_cmd_draw
      13. sys_toggle_cmd
      14. sys_deform_init
      15. sys_deform_perform
      16. sys_deform_draw
      17. sys_deform_term
      18. sys_effect_init
      19. sys_effect_perform
      20. sys_effect_term
      21. sys_event_skip
      22. sys_read_skip
      23. sys_grid_delete
      24. sys_grid_last
      25. sys_layer_set_target
      26. sys_layer_draw_scene
      27. sys_layer_draw_char
      28. sys_layer_draw_emote
      29. sys_layer_draw_perspective
      30. sys_layer_draw_effect
      31. sys_layer_draw_textbox
      32. sys_layer_draw_text
      33. sys_layer_draw_label
      34. sys_layer_draw_prompt
      35. sys_layer_draw_button
      36. sys_layer_draw_option
      37. sys_layer_reset_target
      38. sys_layer_log_set_target
      39. sys_layer_draw_log
      40. sys_layer_draw_log_button
      41. sys_layer_log_reset_target
      42. sys_log_init
      43. sys_log_perform
      44. sys_log_get_style
      45. sys_log_get_xoffset
      46. sys_mouse_hover
      47. sys_option_init
      48. sys_orig_init
      49. sys_queue_enqueue
      50. sys_queue_submit
      51. sys_queue_destroy
      52. sys_queue_empty
      53. sys_scale_init
      54. sys_shader_init
      55. sys_shader_perform
      56. sys_shader_exists
      57. sys_shader_set_sampler
      58. sys_text_init
      59. sys_text_perform
      60. sys_text_get_label
      61. sys_text_get_xoffset
      62. sys_text_style_init
      63. sys_trans_init
      64. sys_trans_perform
      65. sys_vox_add
    7. Global Functions
      1. vngen_do_auto
      2. vngen_is_auto
      3. vngen_do_continue
      4. vngen_do_pause
      5. vngen_is_paused
      6. vngen_do_ui_display
      7. vngen_is_ui_displayed
      8. vngen_count
      9. vngen_exists
      10. vngen_goto
      11. vngen_goto_unread
      12. vngen_instance_change
      13. vngen_room_goto
      14. vngen_set_auto_type
      15. vngen_set_cursor
      16. vngen_set_renderlevel
      17. vngen_set_scale
      18. vngen_set_shader_float
      19. vngen_set_shader_matrix
      20. vngen_set_shader_sampler
      21. vngen_set_halign
      22. vngen_get_halign
      23. vngen_set_lineheight
      24. vngen_get_lineheight
      25. vngen_set_speed
      26. vngen_get_speed
      27. vngen_set_vol
      28. vngen_get_vol
    8. File Functions
      1. vngen_file_save
      2. vngen_file_save_map
      3. vngen_file_load
      4. vngen_file_load_map
      5. vngen_file_delete
    9. Language Functions
      1. vngen_set_lang
      2. vngen_get_lang
    10. Property Functions
      1. vngen_set_prop
      2. vngen_get_prop
      3. vngen_get_index
      4. vngen_get_struct
      5. vngen_get_width
      6. vngen_get_height
      7. vngen_get_x
      8. vngen_get_y
      9. vngen_get_xscale
      10. vngen_get_yscale
      11. vngen_get_rot
    11. Backlog Functions
      1. Buttons
        1. vngen_log_button_create
        2. vngen_log_button_create_ext
        3. vngen_log_button_create_transformed
        4. vngen_log_button_create_ext_transformed
        5. vngen_log_button_destroy
        6. vngen_log_button_clear
        7. vngen_get_log_button
        8. vngen_do_log_button_nav
        9. vngen_is_log_button_hovered
        10. vngen_do_log_button_select
        11. vngen_is_log_button_selected
      2. Input
        1. vngen_do_log_display
        2. vngen_is_log_displayed
        3. vngen_do_log_nav
        4. vngen_do_log_nav_touch
        5. vngen_do_log_play
        6. vngen_is_log_playing
      3. vngen_log_init
      4. vngen_log_add
      5. vngen_log_draw
      6. vngen_log_clear
      7. vngen_log_count
      8. vngen_log_get_index
    12. Object Functions
      1. vngen_object_init
      2. vngen_object_draw
      3. vngen_object_clear
    13. Events
      1. vngen_event_set_target
      2. vngen_event
      3. vngen_event_pause
      4. vngen_event_reset_target
      5. vngen_event_count
      6. vngen_event_get_index
      7. vngen_event_get_label
      8. vngen_event_get_read
    14. Actions
    15. Perspective Actions
      1. vngen_perspective_modify_pos
      2. vngen_perspective_modify_direct
      3. vngen_perspective_replace
      4. vngen_perspective_anim_start
      5. vngen_perspective_anim_stop
      6. vngen_perspective_shader_start
      7. vngen_perspective_shader_stop
    16. Scene Actions
      1. vngen_scene_create
      2. vngen_scene_create_ext
      3. vngen_scene_modify_style
      4. vngen_scene_modify_pos
      5. vngen_scene_modify_ext
      6. vngen_scene_modify_direct
      7. vngen_scene_replace
      8. vngen_scene_replace_ext
      9. vngen_scene_destroy
      10. vngen_scene_anim_start
      11. vngen_scene_anim_stop
      12. vngen_scene_deform_start
      13. vngen_scene_deform_stop
      14. vngen_scene_shader_start
      15. vngen_scene_shader_stop
    17. Character Actions
      1. vngen_char_create
      2. vngen_char_create_ext
      3. vngen_char_modify_style
      4. vngen_char_modify_pos
      5. vngen_char_modify_ext
      6. vngen_char_modify_direct
      7. vngen_char_replace
      8. vngen_char_replace_ext
      9. vngen_char_destroy
      10. vngen_char_anim_start
      11. vngen_char_anim_stop
      12. vngen_char_deform_start
      13. vngen_char_deform_stop
      14. vngen_char_shader_start
      15. vngen_char_shader_stop
    18. Character Attachment Actions
      1. vngen_attach_create
      2. vngen_attach_create_ext
      3. vngen_attach_modify_style
      4. vngen_attach_modify_pos
      5. vngen_attach_modify_ext
      6. vngen_attach_modify_direct
      7. vngen_attach_replace
      8. vngen_attach_replace_ext
      9. vngen_attach_destroy
      10. vngen_attach_anim_start
      11. vngen_attach_anim_stop
      12. vngen_attach_deform_start
      13. vngen_attach_deform_stop
      14. vngen_attach_shader_start
      15. vngen_attach_shader_stop
    19. Emote Actions
      1. vngen_emote_create
      2. vngen_emote_create_ext
      3. vngen_emote_destroy
    20. Effect Actions
      1. vngen_effect_start
      2. vngen_effect_stop
    21. Textbox Actions
      1. vngen_textbox_create
      2. vngen_textbox_create_ext
      3. vngen_textbox_modify_style
      4. vngen_textbox_modify_pos
      5. vngen_textbox_modify_ext
      6. vngen_textbox_modify_direct
      7. vngen_textbox_replace
      8. vngen_textbox_replace_ext
      9. vngen_textbox_destroy
      10. vngen_textbox_anim_start
      11. vngen_textbox_anim_stop
      12. vngen_textbox_deform_start
      13. vngen_textbox_deform_stop
      14. vngen_textbox_shader_start
      15. vngen_textbox_shader_stop
    22. Text Actions
      1. Inline Markup
      2. vngen_text_create
      3. vngen_text_create_ext
      4. vngen_text_modify_style
      5. vngen_text_modify_pos
      6. vngen_text_modify_ext
      7. vngen_text_modify_direct
      8. vngen_text_replace
      9. vngen_text_replace_ext
      10. vngen_text_destroy
      11. vngen_text_anim_start
      12. vngen_text_anim_stop
      13. vngen_text_deform_start
      14. vngen_text_deform_stop
      15. vngen_text_shader_start
      16. vngen_text_shader_stop
    23. Label Actions
      1. vngen_label_create
      2. vngen_label_create_ext
      3. vngen_label_modify_style
      4. vngen_label_modify_pos
      5. vngen_label_modify_ext
      6. vngen_label_modify_direct
      7. vngen_label_replace
      8. vngen_label_replace_ext
      9. vngen_label_destroy
      10. vngen_label_anim_start
      11. vngen_label_anim_stop
      12. vngen_label_deform_start
      13. vngen_label_deform_stop
      14. vngen_label_shader_start
      15. vngen_label_shader_stop
    24. Prompt Actions
      1. vngen_prompt_create
      2. vngen_prompt_create_ext
      3. vngen_prompt_modify_style
      4. vngen_prompt_modify_pos
      5. vngen_prompt_modify_ext
      6. vngen_prompt_modify_direct
      7. vngen_prompt_replace
      8. vngen_prompt_replace_ext
      9. vngen_prompt_destroy
      10. vngen_prompt_anim_start
      11. vngen_prompt_anim_stop
      12. vngen_prompt_deform_start
      13. vngen_prompt_deform_stop
      14. vngen_prompt_shader_start
      15. vngen_prompt_shader_stop
    25. Button Actions
      1. vngen_button_create
      2. vngen_button_create_ext
      3. vngen_button_create_transformed
      4. vngen_button_create_ext_transformed
      5. vngen_button_destroy
      6. vngen_button_clear
      7. vngen_get_button
      8. vngen_do_button_nav
      9. vngen_is_button_hovered
      10. vngen_do_button_select
      11. vngen_is_button_selected
    26. Option Actions
      1. vngen_option
      2. vngen_option_create
      3. vngen_option_create_ext
      4. vngen_option_create_transformed
      5. vngen_option_create_ext_transformed
      6. vngen_option_clear
      7. vngen_get_option
      8. vngen_do_option_nav
      9. vngen_is_option_hovered
      10. vngen_do_option_select
      11. vngen_is_option_selected
    27. Audio Actions
      1. vngen_audio_play_sound
      2. vngen_audio_play_music
      3. vngen_audio_play_voice
      4. vngen_audio_modify
      5. vngen_audio_replace
      6. vngen_audio_pause
      7. vngen_audio_resume
      8. vngen_audio_stop
      9. vngen_vox_play
      10. vngen_vox_modify
      11. vngen_vox_replace
      12. vngen_vox_add
      13. vngen_vox_remove
      14. vngen_vox_pause
      15. vngen_vox_resume
      16. vngen_vox_stop
    28. Code Actions
      1. vngen_code_execute
      2. vngen_code_execute_ext
      3. vngen_script_execute
      4. vngen_script_execute_ext
  7. Special Thanks
  8. End-User License Agreement ("EULA")

Version History #


  • Added support for GameMaker Studio 2 individual sprite speeds
    • Global animation speed arguments have been removed from vngen_object_draw, vngen_log_draw, vngen_emote_create, and vngen_emote_create_ext
    • Other timing functions have also been improved as a result of this update
  • Added vngen_file_save_map to facilitate adding VNgen data to fully custom save files
  • Added vngen_set_vol and audio type macros to replace individual audio volume scripts
    • Volume control of UI/navigation sounds is now supported
    • Volume can now be set from the debug command console
  • Added ‘auto’ keyword support to vngen_log_add, allowing custom content to be added to the backlog using the system queue
  • Added looping animation support to emotes
  • Added support for custom hotspots using rectangular collision masks (bounding boxes) on options and buttons
  • Added new scanline and radial blur shaders
  • Added new cubic bezier ease mode
  • Added new ‘output’ functions to retrieve the state of many ‘input’ functions, such as whether or not the engine is paused, or a button or option is held down
  • Added new ‘get’ functions for global audio volumes, text alignment, lineheight, text speed, and event read state
  • Added new vngen_code_execute functions for running arbitrary code as VNgen actions without the use of scripts
  • Updated vngen_set_lineheight to support per-entity lineheight multipliers
    • Save functions now also read and write global lineheight multipliers
  • Updated input functions to use a common prefix and support explicit true/false settings in addition to toggles
    • Important! See compatibility notes for a list of syntax updates!
  • Updated vngen_option_clear to support removing option results from history as well as memory
  • Updated UI visibility toggle script to optionally allow progression while hidden
  • Updated vngen_room_goto to optionally allow skipping to a VNgen event upon room change
  • Updated highlight argument in vngen_object_draw and perform argument in vngen_instance_change to be optional (enabled by default)
  • Updated auto prompts to match text scale and rotation, not just position
  • Updated backlog audio to match global voice volume
  • Updated vngen_file_load to support switching rooms upon loading files
  • Updated vngen_file_load_map to accept ds_maps generated by vngen_file_save_map
  • Fixed multiple crashes related to running file functions when files or save data do not exist
  • Fixed room data missing from unencrypted save files loaded with vngen_file_load_map
  • Fixed text alignment and speed reverting to global defaults after window is resized
  • Fixed volume functions causing crashes when run outside of a VNgen object or after the running VNgen object has been cleared
  • Fixed pause state not being preserved if vngen_goto is run while the engine is paused
  • Fixed indefinite pauses applying even if auto mode is enabled
    • All negative values will now trigger indefinite pause, but if auto mode is enabled, the literal numeric value will be used instead. (e.g. [pause=-2] will pause for 2 seconds if auto mode is enabled, and pause indefinitely otherwise)
    • This behavior can be enabled or disabled with vngen_set_auto_type
    • This update applies to both events and text markup
  • Fixed options being added to the backlog even when an empty string is used
    • Image-only options are now properly supported
  • Fixed vngen_get_option clearing options prematurely if an option ID is provided in the same event as options are presented
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements


  • Replaced internal timing functions with a simpler, more versatile timing system
  • Added automatic checks to preserve custom text alignment when drawing VNgen
    • Previously it was required to manually reset draw_set_halign or draw_set_valign before drawing VNgen. This is no longer necessary, as VNgen properly handles both functions.
    • (Requires GameMaker Studio v2.2.1.375 or newer)
  • Added automatic option results logging. Setting an option block ID in vngen_get_option now returns user selections from any previous option!
    • Option selection data is now also saved/loaded with VNgen file functions
  • Added vngen_file_load_map for restoring saved VNgen data to a user-defined ds_map for later usage
  • Improved file functions
    • Fixed loading only restoring the VNgen object and not the event, in some cases
    • Save/load can now be performed in non-VNgen objects
    • Save files now also record the active room when saved
  • Improved rendering on scenes and debug interface
    • Blending is now consistent between full/reduced and legacy render modes
    • Texture filtering is now disabled on debug interface for more legible text
  • Improved handling of speech animations when text and voice are active simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue where prematurely skipping text with an indefinite pause skipped the text, but not the pause
  • Fixed incorrect backlog touch scrolling at non-standard framerates
  • Fixed perspective shaders drawing a blank frame when initialized
  • Fixed mouse interactions in HTML5
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements


  • Added support for setting the typewriter effect speed of individual text entities with vngen_set_speed
    • This complements the existing [speed] markup feature, which only allows setting a multiplier of the global speed rather than explicit CPS
  • Added global vngen_get_prop and vngen_set_prop functions to modify properties not accessible through existing functions
    • Can also be used to modify a single property when other functions require modifying multiple at once, e.g. vngen_text_modify_pos
    • WARNING: This is an advanced feature, and improper usage can break things. Use at your own risk!
  • Significantly improved performance of vngen_get_* functions when addressing multiple consecutive properties for the same entity
  • Updated button entities to fully ignore the engine pause state
    • Buttons are now suitable for use in creating pause menus
  • Renamed vngen_perspective_modify to vngen_perspective_modify_pos for consistency with other functions
  • Fixed “out of range” errors when creating prompts while no corresponding text exists
  • Fixed GUI not initializing to the correct scale when running vngen_set_scale
  • Fixed vngen_get_* functions returning empty values on entities created in the same frame


  • Added support for using variables in [font] markup
  • Fixed button states not being cleared on destroy
  • Fixed errors if vngen_object_clear is run when an object has already been cleared


  • Added global volume controls for music, sound, voice, and vox
  • Added support for built-in cursor states to vngen_set_cursor
  • Added support for auto text positioning in extended option and button functions
  • Fixed incorrect syntax guides for vngen_scene_modify_style and vngen_label_replace_ext (GMS2 only)
  • Fixed overdraw in wipe transitions
  • Fixed vngen_goto performing certain skipped actions when performing skipped events is disabled
  • Fixed vngen_button_select and vngen_log_button_select causing crashes if run when buttons do not exist
  • Fixed typo causing errors in vngen_label_create_ext


  • Added ‘auto’ keyword support to vngen_text_create_* actions to better facilitate NVL-style presentation
    • Using ‘auto’ positioning will create the new text entity directly below the previous one, eliminating the need to guess at unpredictable text surface dimensions
  • Updated prompts and character speech animations to pause while [pause] tags are active
  • Fixed a bug causing consecutive [pause=-1] tags to fail
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect vox playback
    • General vox behavior and text performance have been improved as a result of this fix
  • Fixed a bug causing audio volume to be reset if fullscreen mode is changed
  • Fixed outdated documentation examples in Getting Started guide


  • Updated debug console to accept escaped commas as ^, instead of ,
    • This change was necessary to escape markup in GMS2, but was changed in both versions for interoperability
  • Fixed vngen_goto and vngen_room_goto sometimes failing when executed in debug console (GMS 2 only)
  • Fixed scene replacements sometimes failing to refresh scene on replace if dimensions are the same
  • Fixed erroneous usage examples in some scripts


  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements


  • Added native GameMaker Studio 2 support
    • GameMaker Studio 1 support now moved to critical updates and bug fixes only
  • Added native 4K support to internal functions and debug interface
  • Added *_transformed functions to VNgen options for added hover/select animation and stylization
    • This also replaced the extra color functionality previously added to vngen_option_create_ext, resulting in a simpler *_ext function
  • Added on-screen buttons as a new entity type
    • Log buttons have been rewritten to match the new button standard and can now be used to execute arbitrary code, not just scroll the log
    • The existing vngen_type_button macro now refers to both log buttons and standard buttons and can be used to check both in property functions
  • Added support for deformations of any number of subdivisions
    • Deformation columns and rows can now be set on a per-deformation basis
    • Updated the included def_wave deformation to display an actual sine wave
  • Added new underwater-like wave shader
  • Added vngen_count to replace individual entity *_count functions with a universal function
  • Added ‘previous’ keyword support to character face coordinates in character replace actions
  • Added ‘full’ keyword support to vngen_audio_modify loop clip settings
  • Added vngen_event_get_label to complement vngen_event_get_index
  • Added vngen_script_execute_ext to perform scripts as VNgen actions, including when the running event is skipped
  • Updated vngen_event_get_index to optionally return the index of an event by label (rather than the current event)
  • Replaced per-entity text speed with vngen_set_speed, which sets speed for all text entities.
  • Replaced vngen_instance_create with vngen_instance_change
    • The existing script was not really necessary and functioned more closely to the built-in instance_change function anyhow
  • Replaced bracket escape character with ^. Markup can now be drawn literally as ^[ instead of [
    • This change was necessary to escape markup in GMS2, but was changed in both versions for interoperability
  • Removed crop animations from replace transitions for consistency among all entities
    • Previously, only a few entities supported them, and created undesirable visual effects in some use-cases.
  • Removed tiled scene deformations from renderlevel 1
    • It is technically not possible to deform tiled scenes at this renderlevel, therefore scenes will now fall back to non-deformed tiles rather than sacrifice tile mode for deformations
  • Removed vngen_option_exists as its functionality has been superseded by vngen_exists
  • Removed language macros as they have been superseded by vngen_type_* macros
  • Fixed text speeds of 0 or less (instant) causing crashes
  • Fixed negative interpolation causing crashes if ease_circ_* modes are used
  • Fixed opaque backgrounds appearing on highlighted objects if certain shaders or blend modes were used
  • Fixed shaders being duplicated when a deform is also active
  • Fixed auto mode being disabled when an indefinite event pause is encountered
  • Fixed backlog override fonts/colors failing to apply
  • Fixed missing backlog audio data if voice is paused in background while previous voice is played in backlog
  • Fixed non-looped audio continuing to play when skipped while the engine is paused
  • Fixed music losing position and clip settings if vngen_goto is run
  • Fixed non-looped sounds failing to fade in on create
  • Fixed mouse cursor getting stuck in hover state if vngen_goto is run while in this state
  • Fixed scaling not updating when launched in fullscreen
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.9 (Early Access)

  • Added vngen_goto_unread to skip to the nearest option block or unread event
  • Added functions to set shader floats, samplers, and matrices
  • Added functions to replace sounds and vox while synchronizing playback position and other properties
  • Added multi-track and pitch range support to vox
    • Vox source can now be input as an array to create a list of vox which will be randomly selected from each time text increments
    • Additional sounds can be added or removed post-creation
    • Pitch is now randomized between two min/max values rather than simply enabled/disabled with a switch
  • Added trans_spin_in and trans_spin_out transitions
  • Added [event] markup to execute events inline directly (a la links, but without requiring a click)
  • Updated deforms to use 2D point arrays instead of 1D fixed variables
    • This will allow for meshes of any number of columns and rows in a future update
  • Updated effects to use custom variable array, allowing for infinite custom effect variables
  • Raised vngen_script_execute argument limit to 32.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with YYC. YYC is now fully supported
  • Fixed audio fade transitions not being skipped if vngen_goto is run
  • Improved HTML5 compatibility
    • Fixed broken mouse/touch hotspots when using scaling
    • Reduced renderlevel 2 surface usage to mitigate texture swapping glitches
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.8 (Early Access)

  • Added per-entity shader support and a selection of included shaders
    • Support for custom uniforms coming in a future update
  • Added make_color_rgb_to_hex to complement make_color_hex, which has now been renamed make_color_hex_to_rgb for consistency
  • Added optional “perform” argument to vngen_goto to allow disabling performing skipped events
  • Added optional “id” argument to vngen_option_select to allow selecting a specific option directly without navigation
  • Fixed wrong colors being used when auto labels are replaced with the ‘previous’ color/font setting at the target event of vngen_goto
  • Fixed style inheritance failing to record certain properties. Backlog now inherits label styles for speaker names
  • Fixed incorrect scaling when launched directly in fullscreen
  • Removed audio wrappers in favor of native functions
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.7 (Early Access)

  • Added vngen_room_goto to switch rooms while properly cleaning up VNgen data and preserving log data
  • Added support for multiple renderlevels to improve compatibility with some platforms such as Android, iOS, and HTML5
    • Also added command to set renderlevel in debug console
  • Updated backlog with improved text processing and support for new rendering features such as text alignment
  • Updated display scaling to function as a setting—running a script every step is no longer require
    • Scaling now supports HTML5
    • Also added command to set scaling view in debug console
  • Unified label and text rendering to fix numerous bugs with labels
  • Fixed a bug causing transitions to never be considered complete
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.6 (Early Access)

  • Externalized transitions as a new category of keyframe animations
  • Added support for performing animations, deformations, and effects in reverse
  • Added optional ease override support to animations, deformations, and effects to match transition ease behavior
  • Added input_rot as an available constant for keyframe animations (where applicable)
  • Fixed a bug causing text links to crash
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.5 (Early Access)

  • Added new tiled scenes system with support for rotation, gradient color blending, wipe transitions, and deforms
  • Added paragraph alignment support to text (labels coming soon)
  • Added animation blending support to transforms and deforms
  • Added color gradient and wipe transition support to deforms
  • Updated file functions to save/load text alignment and language settings
  • Improved replace fade transitions to better support transparent entities
  • Improved text auto linebreak accuracy
  • Fixed character flipping in vngen_char_replace_ext being absolute instead of relative
  • Fixed memory leaks in vngen_object_clear
  • Removed scale from perspective calculations. Distance is now determined solely by z-index for better control and more predictable perspective behavior.
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.4 (Early Access)

  • Updated syntax for consistency and ease of use
    • Added ‘all’ keyword support to modify, animate, effects, audio, and log button functions
    • Added ‘idle’ argument to vngen_char_create_ext for consistency with vngen_char_replace_ext
    • Added ‘name’ argument to vngen_text_create_ext and vngen_text_replace_ext for consistency with other functions
    • Added ‘any’ keyword support to vngen_exists to check whether any entity of a given type exists
    • Added optional easing support for all non-extended functions
    • Added vngen_option_create_ext with support for origin, scaling, and variable text colors, and simplified vngen_option_create
    • Added support for checking log buttons to vngen_exists and vngen_get_index
  • Updated prompts to accurately reflect current state during replacement fade and accurately auto-position on rotated text
  • Updated vngen_get_option to clear option results by default–setting the ‘true’ argument is no longer required
  • Updated replace functions to fade the most recently viewed resource when combined with vngen_goto (rather than the most recent resource chronologically, which isn’t always visually correct)
  • Updated animations to rotate coordinates relative to perspective only, not the rotation of the animated entity
  • Fixed option position being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixed destroy actions never completing when ‘all’ keyword is used if no entities of the given type exist
  • Fixed skip failure when skipping to an event label where the event is last in a series
  • Fixed effects causing errors during some uses of vngen_goto
  • Renamed audio functions for consistency with other functions and added wrappers for legacy syntax support
  • Renamed vngen_get_option_number to vngen_option_count for consistency with other functions
  • Renamed vngen_get_option_active to vngen_option_exists for consistency with other functions
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.3 (Early Access)

  • Rewrote developer command console (now QCMD!)
    • Added support for keyboard cursor navigation (left/right/home/end)
    • Added support for repeat input if key is held down
    • Externalized commands – console is now extensible!
    • Added new language, log, and window commands (type ‘help’ in QCMD to learn more!)
  • Added keyframe-based effect scripting system
    • Execute arbitrary code in VNgen keyframes!
    • Includes effect scripts for haptic feedback, screen flash, screen shake, and Dualshock 4 lightbar flash
  • Added vngen_get_index function to retrieve internal numeric index for any given entity from the entity type and ID
  • Added vngen_event_count function to retrieve the current total number of events
  • Added support for ‘all’ keyword in vngen_*_destroy functions for destroying all entities of a given type
  • Merged backgrounds and foregrounds into a single internal data structure for more efficient memory management
  • Separated vox speech synthesis into its own data structure and added audio functions to independently pause, stop, and modify vox audio
  • Renamed vngen_log_get_size to vngen_log_count for consistency with other functions
  • Renamed vngen_get_event to vngen_event_get_index for consistency with other functions
  • Updated skip functionality to allow skipping past the final event
  • Updated vngen_script_execute to accept a full 16 arguments (as opposed to the previous 15-argument limitation)
  • Fixed vngen_file_load failing due to outdated use of vngen_goto to restore object event
  • Fixed vngen_log_draw generating errors if log was cleared without destroying the running object
  • Fixed skipped event data being added to the backlog when jumping across objects
  • Fixed text/label actions generating errors if empty string is input
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.2 (Early Access)

  • Fixed an issue causing touch scrolling to sometimes scroll the backlog infinitely
  • Fixed manual linebreaks being removed from backlog text
  • Fixed backlog entries being listed in literal order rather than historical order.
  • Added vngen_log_get_index script to return historical log entry index from an
    entry’s on-screen order.
  • Added new proportion scaling modes which scale relatively to changes in display scale
  • Added new properties functions (vngen_get_*) to return the calculated width, height, x, y, xscale,
    yscale, and rotation of VNgen entities, factoring in animations and modifications
  • Updated vngen_exists to optionally check a specific character for attachments, rather
    than check all characters
  • Enhanced all built-in animations for use with perspective
  • Reduced linebreak strictness so that text surface width can expand or shrink to fit
    text automatically
  • Renamed vngen_pragma to sys_config for consistency with other new engine functions
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.1 (Early Access)

  • Added online and offline documentation
  • Added additional macros for entity types, which can now be tested with vngen_exists
  • Added new zoom transitions which replace the old scale transition
  • Rewrote skip functionality to fix bugs with labels and some jumps taking more than a frame to complete
  • Fixed backlog data being duplicated when the window is resized, forcing an event restart–without also disabling duplicate data for intentional restarts. This required creating a new backlog queue system to hold all new log data until rescaling is complete.
  • Fixed attachments scaling to the display rather than the parent character with vngen_attach_replace_ext
  • Fixed option button sprites not respecting sprite alignment
  • Renamed existing vngen_emote_create to vngen_emote_create_ext and added a simplified vngen_emote_create in its place.
  • Standardized code to reduce redundancy and improve performance
  • Miscellaneous additional fixes and improvements

0.9.0 (Early Access)

  • Initial release
Last updated on February 6, 2020
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