Special Thanks

Patreon credits

This product is made possible by the generous support of XGASOFT patrons on Patreon. Every contribution counts, no matter how big or small. To all fans and patrons around the globe, thanks for being a part of XGASOFT's story!

Very special thanks goes out to:

Patreon 'Enthusiasts'

Marvin Mrzyglod

Patreon 'Developers'



Daniel Sato


Dirty Sock Games

Josef Scott

Meyaoi Games

Patreon 'Gamers'

Kampmichi (Forgers of Novelty)

All Other Patreon Supporters

Adam Miller (Actawesome)


D Luecke

Alex Lepinay

Tarquinn J Goodwin

Creative Credits

XGASOFT is also privileged to work with other creators from around the world, in some cases on the very developer tools used to make XGASOFT products possible.

Special credit goes out to the following talents for their contributions:

VNgen Demo Voiceover

Kanen (as Miki and Mei)