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Legacy Resources from X1 @ XGASOFT

Classic middleware for GameMaker: Studio 1.4

Edge Engine is a suite of useful tools produced by XGASOFT for GameMaker: Studio 1.4, including the popular precursor to VNgen, Edge VN.

These tools are no longer supported by XGASOFT and are not guaranteed to work in newer versions of GameMaker, but you can keep using them as long as you like!

Existing users of legacy Edge Engine assets can download documentation PDFs and relevant resources below. Resources provided here are for reference only.

To get started, choose a product below to learn more.

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Edge Display Scaler

The most powerful and popular scaling solution for GameMaker: Studio 1.4! Drop a single object into your project for instant, accurate scaling across mobile and desktop devices--and beyond.

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Edge Filesystem

Save and load all forms of game data easily and securely, complete with screenshots and timestamps that accumulate with each session.

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Edge FMV

An experimental video player in native GML that made waves for its innovative approach to storage and A/V synchronization in GameMaker: Studio 1.4.

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Edge FMV - MakeFMV

A standalone download of the converter used by Edge FMV to transform standard video formats into custom FMV sequences.

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Edge Splash Screen

A quick and easy solution for displaying static or animated splash screens at runtime--or other animations anytime!

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Edge VN

XGASOFT's first visual novel engine for GameMaker: Studio 1.4! Edge VN achieved high popularity for its modular design that welcomed custom additions to the engine.