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Version History


  • Added auto base DPI
    • Setting a manual DPI base value in xtend_config is now optional
  • Added mobile DPI scaling support
  • Added cutout ("notch") awareness for Android 9+ and iOS 11+ devices
    • Also includes macros for Android 8 and below for use with display_set_ui_visibility
  • Modifying base dimensions from xtend_config in-game now has the same effect as modifying view camera dimensions in-game
  • Reduced frequency of DPI warnings and edited debug message for clarity
  • Improved automatic view camera setup at runtime
  • Improved demo touch support
  • Fixed bug causing base DPI to always report as changed, preventing window resizing in some configurations


  • HTML5 now auto-disables DPI scaling with a debug warning (DPI scaling is handled by the browser instead)


  • Added support for real-time scale enable/disable
  • Added preserve setting to scale config
    • Optionally keeps the scaled resolution or resets to default when scaling is disabled in real-time
  • Added support for real-time DPI scale modifications
    • Incompatible DPI settings for the current display will now show a warning in the debug console
  • Added support for real-time min/max aspect ratio modifications
  • Performance optimizations


  • Added view_x and view_y macros to track master scale view position in room
  • Added xtend.scale.sample option as final resolution scale multiplier
  • Added fallback in case view camera is inaccessible while still being assigned to a view
    • Solves rare I32 argument is undefined errors
  • Fixed room viewport autoconfiguration failing in some cases when rooms are not listed in order of index
  • Updated GML+ dependencies to latest version (supports GameMaker Studio 2.3.1+)


  • Initial release