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Welcome to Xtend - The Simplest Display Scaler


Display scalers: everyone needs one, and Xtend is the last one you'll ever need!

Xtend automatically and intelligently resizes your games and applications to fill any window or display, desktop or mobile, with pixel precision and no black bars. It's easy to use and comes pre-configured to suit most projects, while also offering deep customization and powerful camera functions for even the most challenging scaling needs.



How to use Xtend? Add it to your project. Done. Seriously. (But you can always customize it if you want to!)


Xtend supports multiple scaling modes for different needs. No matter your project, there's a mode for you! Such as:

  • Linear - For desktop-style applications that need 1:1 screen real estate
  • Aspect - For games and interactive applications that need to fill the screen while preserving a base play area
  • Axis - For horizontal or vertical splitscreen
  • Pixel - For retro art styles that demand pixel perfection at any shape and size

All modes also support DPI scaling for windowed applications, ensuring consistent physical size across any screen resolution and pixel density.


Xtend only runs when there's a change in viewport resolution. Your app's performance is uncompromised!


Still not enough? Xtend includes additional functions for managing multiple view cameras, all with their own scaling modes, and drawing regular content relative to display scale. It's the complete package!


Take a peek under the hood at any time with built-in debug statistics and hint boxes. You'll see exactly what's being scaled and how! Take it for a spin in the included demo!

In this reference guide, you'll learn...#

  • Xtend basics, from setup (woops, there is none!) to advanced config parameters
  • Display scaling best practices, and how Xtend macros can help
  • Individual functions, arguments, and what they mean

To get started, choose a topic from the navigation menu to learn more.