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The "draw_self_scaled" Function


draw_self_scaled(ratio, min, max);
ratiorealPercentage of the view to occupy, as a value ranging from 0-1
minrealMinimum allowable ratio, or percentage of the view
maxrealMaximum allowable ratio, or percentage of the view


Draws the sprite assigned to the running object scaled relative to the size of the active view camera. Ratio is calculated as a percentage of view width OR height (whichever is greater), with a value of 1 fully covering the view at any aspect (e.g. for backgrounds).

Because this ratio alone may result in sprites smaller or larger than desirable on one axis, a min and max ratio can also be supplied to limit size on the other axis than is calculated for the base ratio (e.g. for HUD elements). If max is set to 0, clamping will be disabled.

Also returns the scale multiplier, which can be used to position or scale other elements relative to the drawn sprite. Scale multiplier will also be reflected in built-in image_xscale and image_yscale instance variables.


draw_self_scaled(0.25, 0.15, 0.5);