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The "ds_struct_find_previous" Function


ds_struct_find_previous(id, key);
idstructThe struct to check
keystringThe key (i.e. struct content) to begin search from


Returns the name of the previous key in the given struct, as a string. Search will begin from the given key (for example, as returned by ds_struct_find_last).

If the struct is empty or no further key exists, undefined will be returned instead.

Note that because structs are a non-ordered data format, data may be returned in a different order than originally declared in code. Changes to the struct may also change the order in which data is returned with this function.


var key = ds_struct_find_last(my_struct);
key = ds_struct_find_previous(my_struct, key);
var val = true;
variable_struct_set(my_struct, key, val);