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[Xtend] Fix: Blurry screen in HTML5 on mobile (pixel ratio error)

Lucas C

Lucas C


Xtend is a universal display scaling solution, which means it works with all platforms out of the box. This includes HTML5, which in turn supports virtually any device with a web browser. However, using HTML5 also turns certain scaling duties over to the web browser--namely, DPI scaling.

If you find your application appears blurry when running in HTML5 on high-DPI devices (e.g. most modern smartphones), you must configure your project to override the browser's DPI scaling for consistent results.

A typical DPI error when using the default browser scale

The Solution#

Fortunately, changing this configuration is simple. GameMaker's HTML5 export module provides a setting for defining custom JavaScript which will run alongside the application.

You'll find your project's JavaScript setting located at:

Global Game Settings > Platform Settings > HTML5 > General > Prepend output .js with

Insert the following JavaScript code to override browser DPI scaling:

document.querySelector("meta[name=viewport]").setAttribute('content', 'width=device-width, initial-scale='+(1/window.devicePixelRatio)+', maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0');

This will allow the application to display at full resolution regardless of DPI.