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Compatibility Notes

Some updates include certain changes which require existing projects to be modified to retain compatibility with updated versions. This section documents those changes as well as the remedies to any incompatibilities they create.


  • Added support for rectangular collision masks (bounding boxes) on options and buttons

    • Existing button/option sprites may need to have their bounding boxes manually adjusted if hotspots seem inaccurate
    • Transparent sprites will not be clickable at all without manual bounding box adjustment!
  • Updated¬†vngen_log_add¬†to include support for per-entity lineheight

    • Existing instances of this function must be updated to match the new syntax
    • If no custom lineheight is desired, use¬†vngen_get_lineheight(all, vngen_type_text)
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated input functions to use clearer nomenclature and support explicit true/false settings, not just toggles

    • A table of old functions and their new names is listed below. Existing instances of these functions must be renamed to match the new nomenclature and have arguments added to match the new syntax

      Old SyntaxNew Syntax
      show_debug_vngen([enable])ūü†ļvngen_do_debug(toggle, [sound])
      vngen_toggle_auto(delay, [sound])ūü†ļvngen_do_auto(toggle, [delay], [sound])
      vngen_toggle_pause([sound])ūü†ļvngen_do_pause(toggle, [sound])
      vngen_toggle_visible([sound])ūü†ļvngen_do_ui_display(toggle, [stop], [sound])
      vngen_toggle_log([sound])ūü†ļvngen_do_log_display(toggle, [sound])
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

  • Updated¬†vngen_set_lineheight¬†to support per-entity lineheight multipliers

    • This required adding two new arguments to¬†vngen_set_lineheight¬†for inputting an entity ID and type
    • Existing instances of this function must be updated to match the new syntax
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated negative pause values to be interpreted as timed delay while auto mode is enabled (rather than indefinite)

    • While no change is generally required, it is important to note that existing events and¬†[pause]¬†markup will now exhibit different behavior while auto mode is enabled
    • To revert to the old behavior, use¬†vngen_set_auto_type
    • There is no change in behavior when auto mode is disabled
  • Updated easing macros for simplicity

    • All¬†*_in_out¬†macros have been renamed to their plain counterparts, e.g.¬†ease_quad_in_out¬†is now just¬†ease_quad
    • Existing instances of these macros must be renamed to match the new syntax
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated auto prompts to match text scale and rotation, not just position

    • Any prompt modification actions made to match these properties manually can and should be removed
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Renamed¬†vngen_get_structure¬†to¬†vngen_get_struct¬†for brevity and consistency

    • Existing instances of this script must be renamed to match the new syntax
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Removed legacy animation speed multipliers in favor of GameMaker Studio 2 individual sprite speeds

    • All sprite assets must be updated to use the intended framerate, either using the GUI or¬†sprite_set_speed
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_object_draw,¬†vngen_log_draw,¬†vngen_emote_create, and¬†vngen_emote_create_ext¬†must be updated to remove speed arguments
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Replaced individual¬†vngen_set_vol_*¬†scripts with a single¬†vngen_set_vol¬†script and audio type macros

    • Existing instances of the old scripts must be updated to use the new syntax
    • See¬†Macros & Keywords¬†for details
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


  • The¬†vngen_option¬†script now requires an ID to be assigned for the entire option block
    • This is required so that user choices can be saved and restored later
    • Existing instances of this script must be updated to include a real or string ID
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


  • Renamed¬†vngen_perspective_modify¬†to¬†vngen_perspective_modify_pos¬†for consistency with other functions
    • Existing instances of this function must be updated to match the new nomenclature
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Removed¬†vngen_get_renderlevel¬†for consistency with other¬†vngen_set_*¬†functions which have no comparable¬†vngen_get_*¬†function
    • Retrieving the values of these properties is only necessary for advanced usage, and can be handled by addressing the property variable directly; in this case,¬†vngen_get_renderlevel()¬†can be replaced with¬†global.vngen_renderlevel
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


  • Added support for built-in cursor states to¬†vngen_set_cursor
    • Previously, -1 could be used to reset cursors to their defaults. This value has now been changed to -4 (or keyword none) to avoid conflicts with the cursor state¬†cr_none, which is a valid cursor
    • Existing instances of this function using -1 to reset cursors must be updated to keyword none to match the new standard
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added support for auto text positioning in extended option and button functions
    • As auto is also interpreted as -1, text offsets previously at an X or Y coordinate of -1 will need to be changed to other values (e.g. 0 or -2) to avoid enabling auto positioning
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


  • Added auto keyword support to vngen_text_create_* actions to better facilitate NVL-style presentation
    • As auto is also interpreted as -1, text entities previously created at an X or Y coordinate of -1 will need to be changed to other values (e.g. 0 or -2) to avoid enabling auto positioning
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)


  • Added¬†vngen_count¬†to replace individual entity¬†*_count¬†functions with a universal function
    • Existing instances of¬†*_count¬†functions (e.g.¬†vngen_option_count) must be replaced with the new function (e.g.¬†vngen_count(vngen_type_option))
    • This does NOT include events, which are not entities and therefore still have their own¬†vngen_event_count¬†function
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added previous keyword support to character face coordinates in character replace actions
    • As previous is equivalent to -1, faces positioned at coordinates -1, -1 must be repositioned.
    • (Recommended: adjust sprite offsets to compensate and use global search & replace)
  • Added full keyword support to¬†vngen_audio_modify¬†loop clip settings
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_audio_modify¬†using clip settings must add a new argument to enable or disable playing from the current position before clipping
    • This does NOT include instances where clip settings are not used, as clip arguments are optional
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added¬†*_transformed¬†functions to VNgen options, replacing the extra color functionality previously added to¬†vngen_option_create_ext
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_option_create_ext¬†must have hover and select color arguments removed
    • Alternatively, instances of this script may be replaced with either¬†vngen_option_create_transformed¬†or¬†vngen_option_create_ext_transformed
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated log buttons to match the new button standard
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_button_create¬†must be rewritten to match the updated syntax
    • In order for buttons to scroll the log as before,¬†vngen_get_log_button¬†must be run in the log object Step event to execute¬†vngen_log_nav¬†when buttons are selected (see included demo objects for examples)
  • Replaced per-entity text speed with¬†vngen_set_speed, which sets speed for all text entities.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_text_create,¬†vngen_text_create_ext, and¬†vngen_text_replace_ext¬†must be modified to remove the speed argument.
    • Text speed should now be set with¬†vngen_set_speed¬†in the Create Event, or in VNgen events with¬†vngen_script_execute_ext.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Replaced¬†vngen_instance_create¬†with¬†vngen_instance_change
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_instance_create¬†must be replaced with either the new function or the standard¬†instance_create¬†function coupled with¬†vngen_object_clear¬†(if destroying the current object is desired)
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Replaced bracket escape character with¬†^
    • Existing instances of escaped markup must be replaced with the new syntax, i.e.¬†\[¬†becomes¬†^[
    • This does NOT apply to the newline character, which is still¬†\n
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Removed¬†vngen_option_exists¬†as its functionality has been superseded by¬†vngen_exists
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_option_exists¬†must be replaced with¬†vngen_exists(any, vngen_type_option)
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Removed language macros as they have been superseded by¬†vngen_type_*¬†macros
    • Existing instances of¬†lang_text¬†and¬†lang_audio¬†must be replaced with¬†vngen_type_text¬†and¬†vngen_type_audio
    • The¬†lang_all¬†macro has no replacement, and the type argument in¬†vngen_set_lang¬†can now be omitted to set both types simultaneously instead
    • Instances of¬†vngen_set_lang¬†and¬†vngen_get_lang¬†using integers instead of macros to set type do not need to be changed
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Removed¬†ef_hap_ramp_down¬†and renamed¬†ef_hap_ramp_up¬†to¬†ef_hap_ramp
    • As effects and animations can now be reversed, bidirectional ramp scripts were no longer necessary
    • Existing instances of the old effects must be renamed to¬†ef_hap_ramp¬†and reversed if desired
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.9 (EA)#

  • Added min/max pitch arguments to vox actions. Pitch is now randomized between these two values, rather than being a switch enabled by setting pitch to -1
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_vox_play¬†and¬†vngen_vox_modify¬†must be updated to include a second pitch argument.
    • Pitch must now be written as min/max values. Using -1 or keyword auto for random pitch is now invalid.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Rearranged¬†vngen_vox_play¬†arguments so that pitch comes before volume for consistency with other audio functions.
    • Existing instances of this script must be updated to have their argument order switched to match this change.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated effects to use custom variable array
    • Existing effect scripts must be updated to reflect this change. Effect variables previously named ef_var0, ef_var1, and so forth must now be written as ef_var[0] and ef_var[1].
    • More than 16 variables can now be used with this method. Any previous workarounds may be replaced with the built-in system.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Updated deforms to use 2D point arrays
    • Existing deform scripts must be updated to reflect this change. Deformation variables previously named def_xpoint0, def_xpoint1, and so forth must now be written as def_xpoint[0, 0] and def_xpoint[1, 0].
    • Points are now properly treated as a grid of columns and rows ranging from [0, 0] to [1, 3], not a linear range of 0-7.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.8 (EA)#

  • The¬†make_color_hex¬†function has been renamed¬†make_color_hex_to_rgb¬†for consistency with its new opposite function,¬†make_color_rgb_to_hex.
    • Existing instances of¬†make_color_hex¬†must be renamed.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Audio wrappers have been removed in preparation of v1.0. If you have not updated to the new audio functions yet, you must do so now.
    • Existing instances of old audio and vox functions must be renamed
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Fixed incorrect scaling when launched directly in fullscreen by sampling base resolution when¬†vngen_set_scale¬†is run.
    • This means unlike previous versions,¬†vngen_set_scale¬†should NOT be run in the Step event or any event where it will be executed repeatedly. Ideally,¬†vngen_set_scale¬†should ONLY be run in the Create event instead.

0.9.7 (EA)#

  • Updated¬†vngen_log_draw¬†to allow changing separation between entries.
    • Existing instances of this script must be updated to include a separation value (default 64).
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Replaced¬†vngen_set_legacy¬†with¬†vngen_set_renderlevel.
    • Existing instances of the old function must be replaced with the new one.
    • While it is not required to change the values set in the old function, optional new values are also available. It is recommended to see documentation on the new function before updating.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.6 (EA)#

  • Externalized transitions as a new category of keyframe animations.
    • Transitions are now referenced as scripts, not macros, and any instances of their old numeric equivalents will need to be updated to match the new script names.
    • No change is necessary if macros were used as intended.
    • The¬†trans_none¬†macro is still valid and can still be used to disable transitions. This is NOT the same as the numeral 0, which can no longer be used to disable transitions.
    • Transitions out are now reversed from transitions in. For transitions with directional counterparts, this may require switching directions to retain previous behavior.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added support for performing animations, deformations, and effects in reverse.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_*_anim_start,¬†vngen_*_deform_start, and¬†vngen_effect_start¬†must be updated to include a reverse argument.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.5 (EA)#

  • Updated tiled scenes to behave like standard scenes.
    • Adjustments being made to compensate for old tiled scenes can be removed
    • Alternatively, the old style of tiled scenes can be kept by running¬†vngen_set_legacy(true).
  • Removed scale from perspective calculations.
    • Elements relying on scale for changes to parallax strength must have z-index adjusted to compensate (ratio of z-index to scale is 100:1)
  • Fixed character flipping in vngen_char_replace_ext being absolute instead of relative
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_char_replace_ext¬†must be updated to set the intended character orientation
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.4 (EA)#

  • Added optional easing support to non-extended actions.
    • Text and label actions using real numbers as language tags must either have a separate ease argument supplied prior to the language tag, or the language tag must be converted to a string
    • All other actions, and text and label actions using string language tags DO NOT require modification
  • Added idle argument to¬†vngen_char_create_ext¬†for consistency with¬†vngen_char_replace_ext.
    • This argument was originally omitted due to GameMaker Studio's 16-argument limitation, which has now been removed.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_char_create_ext¬†must be updated to add an idle argument.
    • (Recommended: use global search)
  • Added name argument to¬†vngen_text_create_ext¬†and¬†vngen_text_replace_ext¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • This argument was originally omitted due to GameMaker Studio's 16-argument limitation, which has now been removed.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_text_create_ext¬†and¬†vngen_text_replace_ext¬†must be updated to add a name argument, or "" for none or if name markup is used instead.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Fixed option position being calculated incorrectly.
    • Existing options using sprite offsets will need to be repositioned to stop compensating for sprite offset, as this is now properly factored into position automatically.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Simplified¬†vngen_option_create¬†in lieu of¬†vngen_option_create_ext.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_option_create¬†must be updated to use the new simplified syntax or be replaced with¬†vngen_option_create_ext.
    • (Recommended: use global search)
  • Renamed audio functions for consistency with other VNgen functions.
    • Wrappers have been added which allow using the old syntax, which is consistent with standard GameMaker Studio syntax. However, users are encouraged to switch to the new VNgen naming scheme, as wrappers due incur a small performance penalty.
    • Exception:¬†vngen_sound_modify¬†is wrapped as¬†vngen_modify_sound. Existing instances of¬†vngen_sound_modify¬†must be replaced with either the new VNgen syntax or the GameMaker syntax wrapper.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Renamed¬†vngen_get_option_number¬†to¬†vngen_option_count¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_get_option_number¬†must be renamed to¬†vngen_option_count.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Renamed¬†vngen_get_option_active¬†to¬†vngen_option_exists¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_get_option_active¬†must be renamed to¬†vngen_option_exists.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)

0.9.3 (EA)#

  • Merged style inheritance data for text and labels, which are now saved and loaded as a single string.
    • Save files generated with previous versions of¬†vngen_file_save¬†will need to be regenerated for style data to persist. For projects spanning multiple VNgen objects, this may require using¬†vngen_goto¬†to revisit previous objects in order to rebuild style data.
  • Renamed¬†vngen_log_get_size¬†to¬†vngen_log_count¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_log_get_size¬†must be renamed to¬†vngen_log_count
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Renamed¬†vngen_get_event¬†to¬†vngen_event_get_index¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_get_event¬†must be renamed to¬†vngen_event_get_index
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Migrated vox audio to its own data structure.
    • No change¬†is required to existing instances of¬†vngen_play_vox.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_stop_sound¬†to end vox must be renamed to¬†vngen_stop_vox.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Skipping to event IDs greater than or equal to the total number of events now skips past the final event rather than ending the skip operation when the final event begins.
    • Any instances of¬†vngen_goto¬†using large values to bruteforce skip to the final event must be edited to skip precisely to the event itself.
    • (Recommended: use the new¬†vngen_event_count¬†function to navigate precisely to the final event, minus one)

0.9.1 (EA)#

  • Added¬†vngen_emote_create_ext.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_emote_create¬†must be renamed to¬†vngen_emote_create_ext.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Added¬†trans_zoom_out¬†transition and replaced¬†trans_scale¬†with¬†trans_zoom_in.
    • Existing instances of¬†trans_scale¬†must be renamed to¬†trans_zoom_in¬†to complement the new transition.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)
  • Reversed argument order in¬†vngen_set_lang¬†for consistency with other functions.
    • Existing instances of¬†vngen_set_lang¬†must have their arguments ordered language first, then type.
    • (Recommended: use global search & replace)