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Getting Started with VNgen

XGASOFT VNgen is an extension of GameMaker Studio by YoYoGames. To use it, a registered version of GameMaker Studio is required.


You can try GameMaker Studio 2 free for 30 days. You can also try VNgen free for an unlimited time, with reduced features.

Different versions of VNgen support different versions of GameMaker Studio and vice versa. To ensure your version is compatible, refer to the table below:

GameMaker VersionVNgen VersionSupports Free Trial
GameMaker: Studio <=1.4.1757VNgen 0.9.4โŒ
GameMaker: Studio >=1.4.1760VNgen 1.0.6โŒ
GameMaker Studio 2 <= 1.0.6โŒ
GameMaker Studio 2 >= Latestโœ”

Should you encounter any issues obtaining, installing, or using GameMaker Studio, contact YoYoGames support for assistance.

In this section, you'll learn...#

  • Installing VNgen for your version of GameMaker Studio
  • Additional post-installation setup
  • VNgen's custom scripting syntax, powered by Quantum
  • Creating your first VNgen project