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The "vngen_script_execute_ext" Function


vngen_script_execute_ext(script, argument0, argument1, argument2...);
scriptscriptThe script to execute
argument0 ... argument31anyUp to 32 values to pass into the script as arguments


Executes the input script as an action in the context of Quantum events. The specified script can be anything, but be aware that scripts executed with this function will be performed only once when the containing event first becomes active.

While this function may appear identical to the standard vngen_script_execute, it comes with one critical difference: scripts will always be re-executed during vngen_goto event skip operations.


vngen_event() {
vngen_script_execute_ext(vngen_set_speed, 50);

This will set the global text typewriter effect speed, both when the example event is reached and when skipped with vngen_goto. This use-case is exceptionally useful when managing branching paths in a single object.