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Label Actions

In addition to its robust text system, VNgen also includes a second type of text entity called labels. Although similar in many ways, labels lack the advanced effects and functionality of normal text, making them ideal for use in UI elements. Most importantly, this includes the speaker name typically listed above or below text itself.

Unlike regular text elements, labels can automatically populate with the current speaker(s), even if multiple characters are speaking at once! Like text, however, labels also store advanced stylization in memory, making it quick and easy to create unique labels for every character in your visual novels. Any time a font, gradient color, shadow color, or outline color is declared, it is automatically stored in memory and assigned to the label string. If ever the same label string is used again, fonts and colors using the inherit keyword will restore this saved data so that stylization does not have to be performed again. This is especially powerful when using labels as indicators of the current speaking character(s).

In this section we'll examine available label actions as well as special features such as style inheritance and more.