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The "vngen_perspective_anim_start" Function


vngen_perspective_anim_start(anim, duration, loop, reverse, [ease]);
animscriptThe animation script to perform
durationrealSets the duration of the entire animation
loopbooleanEnables or disables looping the animation
reversebooleanEnables or disables performing the animation in reverse keyframe order
[ease]integer/macroOptional: Sets the ease override for the animation script


Performs a keyframe animation script on the global perspective with the input duration. As animations are temporary and relative, animations and modifications can be performed simultaneously.

See Animations for included animation scripts and how to create your own, and Macros & Keywords for a list of available ease modes.


vngen_event() {
vngen_perspective_anim_start(anim_wiggle, 0.5, false, false);