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The "vngen_scene_shader_start" Function


vngen_scene_shader_start(id, shader, fade, [ease]);
idreal/stringThe ID of the scene to apply shader to (or keyword all for all scenes)
shadershaderThe shader to perform
faderealSets the length of time to fade shader in, in seconds
easeinteger/macroOptional: Sets the ease mode for fade transition


Applies a shader with optional fade in transition. Shaders are written externally and can be used to modify the color and position of vertices and/or pixels.


Some shaders require extra input values to function properly. These values must be set externally with vngen_set_shader_* scripts.

See Shaders for a list of included shaders.


if vngen_event() {
vngen_scene_shader_start("bg", shd_sepia, 0.5);