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Introduction to Animations & Deformations

VNgen isn't just about visual novels! It features a unified scripted animation system which can perform custom keyframe animation sequences on almost every entity in the engine. Generous use of animations can bring any visual novel to life, but you can also create entire real-time cutscenes and other genres of game animation as well.

Animations in VNgen come in three categories: transitions, transforms, and deforms. Each modifies different properties, but the scripting syntax is the same, and closely resembles qScript. VNgen includes a variety of premade animations in all three categories, but you can easily write your own too! Most entities include vngen_*_anim_start and vngen_*_deform_start functions for transforms and deforms, and you can always add a transition to vngen_*_create and vngen_*_destroy functions as well.

It is worth noting that while two animations of the same type cannot be performed simultaneously, a single transition, transform, and deform animation can be performed on any entity at the same time.

In this section, we will examine included animations for all three types, as well as how to write your own.