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The "vngen_do_log_button_nav" Function


amountintegerThe number of buttons to scroll


Navigates through a linear list of log buttons, if any exist. The amount of buttons scrolled is arbitrary, where negative values scroll up and positive values scroll down. If a hover sound has been assigned in vngen_log_button_create_ext, it will be played upon running this script. If the input amount exceeds the size of the buttons menu, the selection will loop back around to the other side.

Note that navigation order is determined by the button z-index, and therefore improper configuration of options can result in unexpected navigation with this script.

This script is not an action, and is intended to be run in keyboard and gamepad input events. Mouse and touch support are built-in and do not require vngen_do_log_button_nav for navigation.


Note: This script is not to be confused with vngen_do_log_nav, which navigates the backlog itself. This script navigates backlog buttons as a menu instead.


//Scroll up
//Scroll down