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The "vngen_log_add" Function


vngen_log_add(index, data, [name], [font, col1, col2, col3, col4, shadow, outline, halign, lineheight]);
indexinteger/macroThe numeric ID of the event being logged (labels not accepted) (or use 'auto' to add to system queue)
datastring/soundThe text or audio data to be added to the backlog
[name]stringOptional: The speaking character name associated with the text
[font]fontOptional: The original font of the logged text
[col1]colorOptional: The original top-left gradient color of the text
[col2]colorOptional: The original top-right gradient color of the text
[col3]colorOptional: The original bottom-right gradient color of the text
[col4]colorOptional: The original bottom-left gradient color of the text
[shadow]color/macroOptional: The original shadow color of the text (or keyword 'none' for none)
[outline]color/macroOptional: The original outline color of the text (or keyword 'none' for none)
[halign]keyword_Optional: _The paragraph alignment of the text (fa_left, fa_center, fa_right)
[lineheight]real_Optional: _The vertical separation between lines of text, as a multiplier

Text style properties are treated as a group. While including them is optional, they must either be included together or not at all.


Adds a new entry to the backlog at the specified event index. Input data can be either text or audio. If existing backlog data is found for the target event, the new data will be merged in as a single entry.

Data can also be added to the system queue for backlogged events by supplying the 'auto' keyword instead of a numerical event index. In this case, data will not be applied to the backlog immediately, but will automatically apply to the latest entry into the backlog when the current event is completed.

This script is triggered automatically by text, option, and voice functions and typically does not need to be run manually.


vngen_log_add(5, "John Doe: Hello, world!");
vngen_log_add(5, snd_hello);
vngen_log_add(auto, "Hello, world!", "John Doe", fnt_Arial, c_white, c_white, c_gray, c_gray, c_black, c_black, fa_left, 1.5);