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Included Console Commands

VNgen includes a number of console commands out of the box which can be used to test and debug your projects in real-time. QCMD commands are written externally and defined in a command database as string/script pairs.

Commands can be performed in QCMD by inputting the command string, which will in turn execute the command script according to the table below.

!!cmd_firework()Celebrates the little victories with you
exitcmd_exit()Closes the QCMD console
game_endcmd_game_end()Closes the game itself
game_restartcmd_game_restart()Restarts the game itself
helpcmd_help()Displays a sortable list of console commands in the default web browser
localhelpcmd_localhelp()Displays a list of console commands in a dialog window
room_gotocmd_vngen_room_goto(room)Same as vngen_room_goto, but in standard GameMaker syntax
show_debug_helperscmd_show_debug_helpers([enable])Enables or disables displaying perspective statistics and wireframes around active deforms, text links, and more
show_debug_overlaycmd_show_debug_overlay(enable)Enables or disables displaying live performance statistics
show_debug_statscmd_show_debug_stats([enable])Enables or disables displaying VNgen-specific statistics
vngen_file_savecmd_vngen_file_save(filename, [encrypt])Saves the current VNgen state to a file on the hard drive with optional encryption (enabled by default)
vngen_file_loadcmd_vngen_file_load(filename)Restores the VNgen state from a previous save file
vngen_file_deletecmd_vngen_file_delete(filename)Permanently erases a previous VNgen save file
vngen_gotocmd_vngen_goto(event, [object], [perform])Jumps to the specified VNgen event, optionally switching to the target object, if specified.
vngen_goto_unreadcmd_vngen_goto_unread([perform])Jumps to the next option block or unread event
vngen_log_clearcmd_vngen_log_clear([destroy])Clears all entries from the backlog, optionally destroying the log object (disabled by default)
vngen_room_gotocmd_vngen_room_goto(room, [event, object], [perform])Jumps to the specified room, clearing VNgen data from memory
vngen_set_langcmd_vngen_set_lang(lang, type)Sets the text or audio language to the specified language flag
vngen_get_langcmd_vngen_get_lang(type)Displays the current text or audio language flag
vngen_set_renderlevelcmd_vngen_set_renderlevel(level)Sets renderlevel, where 0 is default
vngen_set_scalecmd_vngen_set_scale(view)Sets a viewport to scale to window dimensions
vngen_set_speedcmd_vngen_set_speed(speed)Sets the text typewriter effect speed
vngen_set_volcmd_vngen_set_vol(type, vol, [fade])Sets the global volume offset for a particular type of sound (use keyword all for all types)
vngen_versioncmd_vngen_versionDisplays the current VNgen version and build date
window_set_fullscreencmd_window_set_fullscreen(full)Enables or disables fullscreen mode