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Included Effects

VNgen includes a number of effects out of the box which can be used in your own projects or as templates for custom effect scripts. Where applicable, these effects will scale to any resolution and framerate without modification.

Effects can be performed with vngen_effect_start.


ef_lightbar_flashFlashes the Dualshock 4 lightbar from bright to dim (Playstation 4 only)


ef_hap_heartbeatVibrates compatible gamepads with a heartbeat pattern
ef_hap_phoneVibrates compatible gamepads with a phone ringer pattern
ef_hap_pulseVibrates compatible gamepads with a brief pulse
ef_hap_rampVibrates compatible gamepads from subtle to strong
ef_hap_sustainVibrates compatible gamepads persistently until stopped


ef_scrn_flashFlashes the screen with the current color set by draw_set_color
ef_scrn_shakeShakes the game window itself (does not apply in fullscreen)