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The "vngen_do_auto" Function


vngen_do_auto(toggle, [delay], [sound]);
toggleboolean/macroEnables, disables, or toggles automatic progression
[delay]realOptional: Sets the delay before auto-continue is triggered,  in seconds
[sound]soundOptional: A sound to be played when the script is run


By default, text actions will pause further event progression until vngen_do_continue is run, but if auto mode is active, the vngen_do_continue script will be automatically run after any delay has expired. This script can be used to toggle or explicitly enable/disable auto mode, as well as optionally set the delay duration and play a sound on input.

If only two arguments are supplied, the second argument will be interpreted as a delay duration. To specify a sound with no delay, the delay argument must be set to 0.


!Important note: If auto mode is enabled, negative pause values (e.g. [pause=-1]) will be interpreted literally, not indefinitely. This allows crafting a fully automated experience that retains temporary pauses where appropriate. To change this behavior, see vngen_set_auto_type.

Recommended for use in mouse, keyboard, or gamepad input events.


vngen_do_auto(true, 3, snd_input);