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The "vngen_do_ui_display" Function


vngen_do_ui_display(toggle, [stop], [sound]);
toggleboolean/macroEnables, disables, or toggles visibility of UI elements
[stop]boolean_Optional: _Enables or disables progression while UI is hidden
[sound]soundOptional: A sound to be played when the script is run


Toggles or explicitly enables/disables visibility of VNgen UI elements. This includes textboxes, text, labels, prompts, options, and buttons, allowing the user to appreciate scene and character art free of obstruction.

Typically, if the UI is hidden when vngen_do_continue is run, it will be unhidden automatically. This behavior can be disabled by setting the 'stop' argument to false, allowing progression without any UI.

If only two arguments are provided, the second argument will be interpreted as 'stop' if true or false, and as 'sound' if a sound asset.

Recommended for use in mouse, keyboard, or gamepad input events.


vngen_do_ui_display(toggle, snd_input);
vngen_do_ui_display(false, false, snd_input);