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The "vngen_set_lang" Function


vngen_set_lang(lang, [type]);
langreal/stringThe language value to set
[type]integer/macroSets whether to apply language value to text or audio (Optional, use no argument for both)


Sets the active language for language-sensitive actions such as text, labels, options, and voice. If a language-sensitive action specifies a certain language which does not match the language flag set by this script, it will not be performed.

Language flags are arbitrary and can be stored as reals or strings so long as they match the language set in language-sensitive actions. If actions do not specify a language, the active language will be ignored.

Text and audio language are set separately as vngen_type_text and vngen_type_audio, but can be assigned simultaneously by omitting the 'type' argument instead.

See Macros & Keywords for a full list of available entity types.


vngen_set_lang("en-US", vngen_type_text);