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The "vngen_get_yscale" Function


vngen_get_yscale(id, type, [name]);
idreal/stringThe ID of the specific entity to check
typeinteger/macroSets which type of entity to check
[name]stringOptional: Sets the character name to check, if entity is an attachment


Returns the absolute vertical scale multiplier of the specified entity, taking into account any active modifications and animations.

See Macros & Keywords for a full list of available entity types.


var xscale = vngen_get_xscale("bg", 1);
var yscale = vngen_get_yscale("bg", 1);
var rot = vngen_get_rot("bg", 1);
draw_sprite_ext(my_sprite, -1, x, y, xscale, yscale, rot, c_white, 1);