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The "vngen_set_speed" Function


vngen_set_speed([id], speed);
[id]``real/stringOptional: ID of the text entity to apply speed to (use keyword 'all' for all text entities)
speedrealSets the speed at which VNgen text increments, in characters per-second


Sets the rate at which text increments when the typewriter effect is enabled. This value is in characters per-second (CPS), and will automatically be adapted to framerate and delta time. Speeds of 0 or less will disable the typewriter effect entirely.

Speed is set to 25 by default.

Note that while this value sets the initial speed, speed can also be adjusted inline with [speed] markup. Markup values act as a multiplier of the initial speed rather than an explicit CPS value.


If changes to speed aren't persisting, try running this script with vngen_script_execute_ext!


vngen_set_speed("text", 50);