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The "vngen_goto_unread" Function


[perform]booleanOptional: Enables or disables performing skipped events (default: enabled)


Jumps from the current Quantum event to the first unread event, stopping at any option blocks which are encountered along the way. This is a very important script, as its most common uses include quickly navigating to different story branches from dialog options.

By default, running this script will perform skipped events in the background before arriving at the target event. This is necessary so that the target event will appear as if the user had viewed each event normally. To disable this behavior and perform only the target event, the optional 'perform' argument may be set to 'false'.

Note that vngen_goto_unread is not an action, and therefore requires being wrapped in vngen_script_execute to behave as one. The exception to this is when used in conjunction with vngen_get_option in a dialog option segment: as vngen_get_option is itself not an action either (but behaves like one), in this case vngen_goto_unread should be used normally.